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        1. About us

          Hunan Yunke Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Hunan Yunke chemical Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Hunan Zhongchuang Chemical Co., Ltd. Hunan Zhong Chuang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, it is the reform unit of Sinopec. It has ISO9001 and ISO 14001. most of products has ROHS certification, and it has applied for 66 patents. 

          Hunan YunKe chemical always passing on the parent company (Hunan Zhongchuang) strives for realistic innovation,win-win  cooperation, integrity and civilization, harmonious development of the management idea, based on safety production, guided by customer demand, driven by technological innovation, to achieve diversified enterprise cooperation and refined product development, actively establish a platform for the employees, provide value for customers,  Make contributions to the society and strive to build Yunke Chemical into a green chemical company with proud employees, recognized by customers and respected by the society.  

          The company is located in Changlian Park of Green Industrial Park, The park is the first listed provincial industrial park in Hunan Province, with complete fire protection and environmental protection supporting facilities, and perfect emergency management system to provide a strong guarantee for safe and stable production.  Yueyang city is the intersection of Expressway and waterway. Yunke chemical is only 25 kilometers away from Chenglingji port which the largest inland port on the Yangtze River, with convenient transportation conditions, providing convenient conditions for foreign trade and domestic sales.  

          The company mainly produces Curing Agent TGIC (YK810), GMA Matting Agent  (YK550), Low temperature and High acid value resin (YK4501), UV resin monomer (TGICA), Blocked Isocyanate (YK1530), Low temperature and fast Agent (YK31);  Byproduct industrial salt,polyhydric alcohols  and other products, the capacity is 9000mts/A.  With advanced technological process, the product indicators are better than the industry average level.  Yunke chemical has won the trust of our customers with its stable product quality and favorable market price. We insist on providing professional service to our customers and strive to become a trustworthy partner in the industry.  

          Hunan Yunke chemical Co., Ltd.

          Contact us

          TEL: 0086-13789017422 0086-17807309107
          Skype: 0086-13789017422
          Wechat: 0086-13789017422
          Facebook: 0086-13789017422
          Whatsapp: 0086-13789017422
          E-MAIL: anisha@zcchem.net

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