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Myself3 Levels of Human Mind

Posted June 2009

What are the levels of human mind? What is the relation of different levels of human mind?

Human mind is a very complex entity. Sometimes we think about one thing, while doing something completely different. Sometimes we do something, without thinking. This lack of alignment within personality is caused by the fact that human mind is working in different levels that are related, but they are sometimes in conflict.

There are three levels of the human mind: Unconscious mind, Subconscious mind and Conscious mind.

First level is the Unconscious mind. This level of human mind holds the control of the basic functions of the human body, breathing, heart beating, digestion, reflexes, ...

Basically, it controls all automatic functions, without need to think about it. Though, by conscious will we can influence some of these functions.

Second level is Subconscious mind. This level contains all knowledge, experience, habits, beliefs and attitudes toward life. What ever we met and learned in our life is placed in this level, in our personal library. Every second of your life is recorded in this segment of mind. Your subconscious mind is enabler or prohibitor, depending what you adopted as your attitude toward something. If you placed belief that you can not drive a bicycle, than you will not be able to drive it, since your subconscious mind tells you that you can not do it.

Third level of human mind is the Conscious mind. This is analytical part of the mind that analysis all data that comes in. Also this part of mind is filtering information that comes to the subconscious mind. Actually, the Conscious mind is aligned with what is already formed as attitude or belief in Subconscious mind. If the new information is in conflict with information that is already stored in Subconscious mind, the Conscious mind tends to block that information. This is why people seem to be difficult to change. More information already stored in Subconscious mind makes new information that is in conflict with current information to be rejected.

Of course everybody can change. It takes time effort and application of certain techniques. These techniques can be hypnosis, mantra, suggestive message received repeatedly, or simply a sudden event with the strong impact to the beliefs stored in subconscious mind. Basically, all of these techniques are bypassing the filter of the conscious mind and entering directly to the subconscious mind.

For example, person that does not know how to drive the bicycle, due to strong belief that cannot drive the bike under any circumstances, can beat this belief by autosuggestion. A positive thinking about driving the bicycle, "Yes, I can drive the bike" repeated over and over can gradually change the belief system toward goal required. The process cannot go by force. The process needs to be gradual and persistent. During the whole process it is important to distract the blockers from the conscious mind. Simply breathing or counting can relax the body and conscious mind. The mind then enter the suggestive state when the new ideas can enter the subconscious mind, which can lead to creation of a new beliefs, or gradual alteration of current beliefs.

The guidance of trained hypnotist can ease and accelerate this process. But whether you work on your belief system by your self or with assistance, the process should go gradually without pushing. There is no such autosuggestion or hypnotherapy that can change your attitude if you resist.

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