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MyselfHow to Build a Personal Development Plan?

Posted Sep 2011

After understanding the importance of personal development and assessing your PD needs, it is time to build your Personal Development Plan ( PDP ).

Why do we need to create personal development plan? Can we simply do what we think that is best for us and hope that the best results will really happen? Of course we can. We can read, train, meditate, exercise and probably we will benefit until a certain degree. But if we invest time and effort in personal development wouldn't be great to get as best as possible results?

So how the best results appear? Definitely, they do not appear by coincidence. The best results in every field are result of proper planning, preparation, execution of planned activities, reviewing of achievement and adjusting the further plans accordingly. Well, it looks quite structured, but actually it is. The best performance requires best approach. No effort – no results. Still, it is not all about effort, it is also important the way how we do things and how to manage them.

It is very well known fact that we can not manage things that are not measured. Why is this so? Simply because of the fact that we can not track progress if we do not know where we were some time ago and where are we now. In order to compare a difference between these two points in time we need a measurement.

This measurement does not have to be so rigid, but still we need to have some kind of record of our personal development intention, and resume what we really achieved after a certain period of time. First of all, we can be in situation to consciously compare our position in a two different periods in time, and to identify the result. Secondly, if we neglect some of our personal development obligations, we will not be able to simply ignore it, because we will have the reminder. We will be aware about how lazy were we, or how diligent were we.

Before commencing with building of personal development plan it is important to truly understand why personal development is important. Also you must really understand your real personal development needs. These two steps of pre-work will give you better understanding about where and why to focus.

The personal development plan can be written anywhere or in any form. It is important that your thoughts are recorded and that you can review them later. You may be surprised how different you may look on something that you wrote about your person, say one year ago. In moments of real introspective, you may fall in a lower brain states where your sub-consciousness starts to speak. Diving deeper into yourself your sub-consciousness may open and give you the answers. During those moments of talking to your sub-consciousness a various messages may appear. Grasping these thoughts and ideas and writing them on paper ( typing, recording ) is the letter of your sub-consciousness to your conscious yourself. Once you "receive" this letter you may be surprised what thoughts or ideas you came with.

The deep introspection and talk with you may appear more or less easily, depending on the person and pervious habits of turning to yourself. You may try a different techniques like meditation, deep breathing ( pranayama exercises ) or simply relaxing with the music or while enjoying in front of the nice landscape view. Also, try to catch moment between being sleep and awake, since in that state of shifting the brain states a different thoughts and ideas may appear, through the "rift between a two worlds".  

Understanding of importance of personal development is only beginning of the journey.
This journey does not have final destination, but it has direction and milestones. The personal development is never finished, since we can always progress in every direction.

If you do not manage to get that deep into yourself do not worry. Record whatever you come across while you are in a fully awake state. In time, you may be able to get deeper into yourself. As long as you have any form of personal development plan it is OK. The most important is to start somewhere. The plan should contain some activities that address your development needs, previously identified by personal self-assessment. The plan will require some time frame. Set realistic plan, according the development activity. Setting the goal of learning a foreign language within a month from a scratch is not realistic. Setting a goal to exercise walking one hour, three times per week, for a period of three months, in order to improve health, is a kind of realistic goal.

Your personal development plan should be reviewed after a period of time. At the beginning set the review time, e.g. six months. You may have a need to record some achievements before the review comes, so do it as necessary. But really review the plan and achievement when the time comes. Why it is important to make a review? As we said, we can not manage something that we do not measure. Also, we can not measure something that we do not track record and review.

We could come with different conclusions after the PDP review. We may be surprise how lazy and forgiving are. We may even totally forget about PDP existing at all. But we will find it sooner or later and we will be ashamed about forgetting something that we so enthusiastically started with. But even if we fail once, we can try again. Finding the forgotten PDP is like receiving a letter from past you to present yourself. This "letter" can be a motivation to start all over, but this time more serious.

What if we really succeed? In this case congratulation! You managed to consciously understand the importance of personal development, you managed to self assess yourself, you built a productive personal development plan and finally you really managed to develop your self in desired direction. Now you can use the morale boost from this success and to build a new plan with direction of further upgrading your attributes, or exploring some areas that you didn’t explore before. The choice is yours.




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