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18 Life Fulfilling Tips by Dalai Lama

Posted Aug 2011
Becoming Consultant


Why everybody does likes to give advice? Are all advices unnecessary? Learn about real, life fulfilling advices by Dalai Lama for healthy and successful life.

Everybody likes to gives the advices. All of our life somebody is advising us how we should do this or do that... Usually, people give us the advices without justified cause or authority. It can be very annoying to get the advice, although you didn't ask for one. This is even worse if the advice is given from the people who do not know much about the subject or your personal situation.

The tips about success in career, love, friendship and health can be found anywhere. They are often given by so called experts.

Still, there are many good advices. Dalai Lama is the spiritual authority that really should be one who is giving the advice. And we should be somebody who is listening and trying to comply with these advices. Why is this so? Well, the answer is simple. The Dalai Lama's advices are simple, productive, rational, fulfilling, out-of-the-box, non religious, universal and applicable to everybody and everywhere.

At the beginning of the millennium, the Dalai Lama published eighteen rules for successful and happy life. These rules can be applied by anyone and anywhere, with just a little effort, regardless of the personal belief system, religion, education, age, etc. So, here they are:

  1. Have in mind that great love and great success are necessarily bringing a considerable

  2. You cannot win every time. But, take care that you learn from every situation, including failure.

  3. Respect yourself, respect the others and take responsibility for your deeds.

  4. Sometimes, the best what can happen to you is that you do not get what you want.

  5. Learn rules well, in order to be able to break them.

  6. Do not let the small misunderstanding to ruin the great friendship.

  7. Once you realize the mistake, take immediate action to correct it.

  8. Leave some time for yourself every day.

  9. Do not be afraid to try something new, but do not abandon your values.

  10. Silence is sometimes the loudest answer

  11. Live good an honourable live. Once you are old, you will be able to think about your life and enjoy it once more time.

  12. Love in your home is the base for the whole life.

  13. In case of disagreement with your loved persons, deal with current situation only. Do not evoke the past.

  14. Learn and share your knowledge with the others. This is the only way to achieve immortality.

  15. Care about Mother Nature.

  16. Once a year go to the place where you have never been before.

  17. The best relationship is the one where the love is getting stronger because of the need for each other.

  18. Judge your success based on the things that you had to give up in order to achieve it.



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