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MyselfWhy is Personal Development Important?

Posted Jan 2011

Everybody say that Personal Development is very important. But what are the real development needs? What are real development areas that need to be developed?

The personal development is a phrase that is used a lot in many different places. Small child is taught by parents that he/she need to learn and study diligently. In school they repeat the same. At work they direct you to different training programs. Also, every individual is trying to do this and that in order to "develop" in some area. The success of the personal development depends also from having a broader perspective. Another prerequisite is having a right, structured approach to personal development.

Understanding the big picture helps individual to assess and prioritize development needs. The personal development can be reflected on different areas.

Personal success / Social Integration segment

The personal life depends of our attributes, intelligence, education, knowledge, learning ability, adoptability, tolerance, etc. Except intelligence all attributes can be changed and improved. The set of personal attributes determines us as a person and present us in the society. How successful and accepted by others we will be depends on our personal attributes.

Professional success

Profession is something that we do for living. We do a certain professional work in order to earn for living, but also to build ourselves and to contribute to the society that we are part of. Professional success depends of combination of personal and professional attributes. These attributes are education, experience, knowledge, team work, leadership, innovation, attitude, entrepreneurship… Not all attributes are of equal importance for every person, since they depend of position. The professional success depends from the level of development of our attributes and from our potential to show results in the future.

Financial Stability

Financial wealth is the important aspect of personal development, since material welfare is the physical base for development in other areas. At least basic material needs should be satisfied as prerequisite for building other attributes ( education, health, experience, social relationship, morale, attitude, ... ). Without stabile financial grounds, the person will be desperate and there is a risk for individual will turn to crime, socialize with similar individuals, use drugs, ruin health, etc. Financial stability is related to personal and professional success, so they are interrelated. They need to be developed simultaneously.

But financial stability is also related with management of personal finances, spending habits, diversification of incomes, investments, etc. Poor management of financial incomes can lead to bankruptcy, no matter how high the incomes are.

Maintaining Health

Our physical body is our vehicle that materializes our intentions and actions in our environment. In order to be able to unfold our full capacity we must have at least standard level of physical performance. Therefore, care about our health is necessary to keep our vehicle in a operative shape, that will give us a good base for achievement in other field.

Mental Stability

Understanding of importance of personal development is only beginning of the journey.
This journey does not have final destination, but it has direction and milestones. The personal development is never finished, since we can always progress in every direction.

Psychical stability is the non-physical base for success in other fields of our manifestation. If our mental health is jeopardized, we can not perform in a full intellectual, social and physical capacity. We will have shortfalls in our personal and professional life. Mental stability depends of many influences from the environment. We can not live in complete isolation in order to avoid mental attacks from our surrounding. But, we can take other actions that will help us to absorb these attacks and to recuperate lost mental strength in the periods of the rest. If we do not recover mentally between difficult periods, gradually we are loosing the grounds and we are slowly starting to sink down.

Helping Others & Contribution to Society

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we intercourse with the community. We are the part of that community and we can not live in isolation. If we are choosing the «lone wolf» lifestyle type, we definitely can not develop ourselves to our personal maximum. If we want to get something from our surrounding, we need to give too. Building a good relationship, helping and respecting others, giving active contribution to the community, but also protecting own interest is the path to integration into society. Integrated individual can easily manifest his/desires and progress personally and professionally.

Understanding of importance of personal development is only beginning of the journey. This journey does not have final destination, but it has direction and milestones. The personal development is never finished, since we can always progress in every direction. Choosing the paths and setting the milestones is a matter of personal choice and preference. You should build your own personal development plan in a structural way and try to measure the progress of different development areas through time. Only conscious intention and serious devotion can lead to real progress in Personal development.





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