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MyselfDeveloping And Maintaing The Positive Attitude

Posted Apr 2010

What is the difference between attitude and aptitude? How can you develop the positive attitude?

The old saying explains that Attitude is more important than Aptitude. This means that attitude and effort given to some work means much more than technical skills and knowledge. Simply, with the proper attitude you may achieve your target eventually. Even if you are lacking technical knowledge, you may learn it during the work, or you can outsorce it. But if yout attitude is negative, your technical skills and compentence may remain idle.

When we compare the attitude and aptitude it is interesting to notice that people tend to favorize technical skills and formal degrees in front of attitude and effort toward the both professional and personal life. The root cause for this fact may lie in the way how the most of the people were raised and educated.

Does this mean that our educational and cultural background does not build our confidence? The answer can be individual, but in most cases the answer is yes. The good thing is that the attitude can be changed. The process is slow and requires structured approach, bu it can be done.

First thing in building and maintaing the positive attitude is assessment of your current attitude. Analyze your professional and business behaviour, attitudes and decions. If there are to many "this is difficult", "it can not be done", "he/she is wrong", "it does not deserve effort", if you are generally disatisfied with your life and people around you, than you are probably sceptic and pessimist. This is the bad thing. The good thing is that you realised it. Now when you are aware, it may be easier to cope with your current mindset.

Build resistance to failure. If you expect that your every action will bring success than your expectation is too high. Once you fail in doing something, than your system of expectation and motivation may colapse. It is important to stay focused on your long term goal. One failure does not mean that the following step will not be the success. Resistance to failure will increase your confidence and positive attitude.

Try to be positive. This means that you should accept good thing as they are. Try to notice the success and try to enjoy it. When the things are negative, try to find the positive side of that thing. If there is the rain today, the sun will come after the rain, since it always comes.

Use your strengths. Do not be depressed because your weaknesses. If you can not develop your weeknesses, than focus on your strengths. By using your strengts, you will reach the success. Success will give you the morale boost and will give you the positive attitude. Once you are positive in your mind, the weaknesses are more likely to be developed.


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