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MyselfLearning To Let Go

Posted Apr 2010

For how long can we keep things in our life? When is the time to let go something from our life?

The life is bringing many new things. Sometimes those are the small things sometimes that are the big thing. You can have big changes in you life like new job or new house, or small things like new book or movie. New things in our life are bringing us happines and joy. Sometimes it brings you additional effort, but the returns are higher as well.

But we have limited time and space in our lives. So should we just embrace every now thing in our life and continue on. Do we have time for everything in our life? Do you need every little thing that we collected in your life? Maybe you should also try to learn to let thing go.

Simply, if we yust accumulate every item in our houses, if we try to spend time with every new hobby, if you want to keep doing everything that you are used to, sooner or later we will reach the point where we wouldn't be able to manage our life. At first stage you will not be able to manage it all, you will forget to do something or you will not have time for everything. At the second stage you may start to be frustrated since you can not manage all. You may feel stress as things are not in you controll.

The solution is in learning of letting the things to go. You let them go from your life, literally. Simply, your time, space, and energy in this world is limited. If you try to deal everything old and all new stuff at same time, you will fall appart and you will be stressful. Therefore, learn to let go.

Let go the things. Do not pile up the junk in your house. Throw the old clothing, papers, furniture and other stuff that you do not need. Do not try to find the purpose for the things that have no purpose to you. Throw them away, or give it to somebody that may have benefit of it. If you do it you will have more space and less dust in your house

Let go the hobbys. Maybe you like exercising 2-3 sports, reading the books, watching the movies, traveling, etc. But life is too short, you can not pay attention to everything. Let go a few things. Optionally, you can periodically dedicate your time to few activities. For example travel and read books during the summer and exercise sport and watch movies during winter.

Let go the work. We need work, since most of the people need to work for living. But if you have part time job, apart of a regular job, and if that part time job does not bring enough money considering the time spent, then dump it. It is better to spend quality leisure time with less money, than to have a bit more money with no private time.

Let go the people. This sound hard, since we live with the people. But if some friendship is not what it is used to be, for whatever reason, recosider your friendship status and adjust your stand and time spent with particular people.

Try to make the ballance in your life. You need the contents in your life, but you also need the quality time to dedicate to them. It is better to pay attention on 2-3 things and to be satisfied, than to try to handle dozens of things and be disatisfied and frustrated because you do not have time for them.


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