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MyselfAre You Being Hypnotized?

Posted Aug 2009

Have your ever been hypnotized? Probably yes, many times. Hypnosis happens much often than you think. 

The hypnosis is very common way of communication and relation between people. That type of communication is much more common that most of the people could think. The hypnosis rapport is not something exclusively related to hypnosis sessions between hypnotist and the patient. Increased suggestibility can be found almost everywhere. Increased suggestibility is occurring in awaken state, even without hypnosis. This type of "hypnosis" is very often in everyday life. Parents and teachers are influencing the children, teenagers are influenced by their friends, while most of the people are easily influenced by political propaganda or commercials. The commercials are the most refined way of influence that penetrates into the mind, below the threshold of conscious acceptance.

How many times you have heard that certain toothpaste ( or any other product ) posses the unique characteristics and quality. The suggestion is that we need to buy this product, even right away. Suddenly we find that we need desperately something that we lived without perfectly well, until now. The suggestion of the commercial is the need.

In most of the cases we do not possess any technical knowledge to judge the quality of the product and it's real effects. As a consequence, next time while we are shopping we are choosing the brand of the products that we are suggested previously. We could state that we are literally hypnotized by the commercial.

The principal is the same with other types of awaken state hypnosis. If we listen, read and being informed about some politician or political party, than the messages related to them are being imprinted into our sub consciousness. We can receive various information, while at same time we cannot consciously differ what is the truth or not. Since we cannot consciously decide which politician is good or bad, we simply decide based on picture that was created in our mind by political campaign. If we believe that some politician is "least bad" compared to others, we will vote for him. This can be even bad decision, but still decision is made based on suggested picture of that candidate.

Therefore, hypnotic rapport – state of attention to suggestions from hypnotist – can be applied everywhere; on political speeches, during lecturing, in front of TV, ... So think about hypnosis and suggestions that you receive daily on the job, in the school, while you with the friends or while you are reading newspapers. How consciously you are controlling your decisions?

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