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MyselfBiorhythm Compatibility Chart

Posted Aug 2009

Find out what is the relationship between persons in different phase of physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythm cycle.

Now we know why there is difference between different people and why are these differences also fluctuating. Physical, emotional and intellectual cycles are oscillating in different periods, where rise of biorhythm has positive influence, decrease of biorhythm has negative influence, while period of switching from one cycle to another is known as critical period.

Since there are many combinations in ups and downs of biorhythms, the explanations for different combination of biorhythm moods of two persons is described in Biorhythm Compatibility Chart:

Physical Cycle
Emotional Cycle
Intellectual cycle
Both in "+" phase
Ideal period for being together or for romantic moments.
You are sharing optimism and enthusiasm. Good period for socializing and having a fun.
Very good period for mutual understanding and productive discussions.
"+" vs. "-"
Misunderstandings are possible. One person would like to enjoy the life, while the other is slow. It is better that both persons mind they own business.
Person in negative phase can ground the other person that sees everything colored in pink.
Person in negative phase can have irrational ideas and problems with memory, while the other person can help to alleviate the problem.
"+" vs. "0"
Potentially difficult situation, especially if positive person tries to ever influence the person in critical phase.
Positive partner must take care about feelings of person in critical phase.
Definitely this is not the good period for sharing a new idea or joint learning.
Both in "-" phase
Probably both partners feel the need for the rest. So let it be the rest.
It is good to spend the period separately.
Do not enter to deep discussion, since they will not be productive.
"-" vs. "0"
Both partners feel the lack of energy, especially the person in critical phase.
Tension in relationship is present.
Partner in critical phase needs help from partner negative phase. This is not an easy period.
Both in "0" phase
Avoid mutual contact. Try to communicate with persons that are in positive phase.
Both partners lack the self-confidence. Try to watch movie instead to accuse each other.
Do not rely on each other.

The biorhythm compatibility chart can be your guide through various biorhythm phases. If you study both partner’s biorhythm and their relationship, you can utilize positive periods very well. Also, during the negative periods you can minimize the risks of events that you do not need. Overall, the biorhythm study can help in alignment of partners.

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