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MyselfBiorhythmic Alignment of Partners

Posted Jul 2009

Can biorhythm cycle influence relationship between individuals? What are connections between biorhythms of two persons?

Since biorhythm cycles are influencing the behavior of an individual, then can the biorhythm cycles affect the relationship between two individuals. Actually, yes. If you compare biorhythm of the two persons you can discover the facts about their alignment. Analytics of biorhythm can help you to understand why two persons have a better relationships in some period, compared to some other period.

For example, if the difference between two persons is the number that can be divided by 23, than these two persons have exactly the same physical biorhythm. Since this alignment is not that often, studying of biorhythm can help you to align the relationship and to understand the difference.

If the two persons have totally aligned emotional cycle, than we have situation that is not welcomed, contrary to what you can expect. Simply, if both persons have the same emotional cycle, than the both of them are in negative phase at the same time.

In case that intellectual cycle is aligned, than the persons are sharing the mutual ideas and plans in about eighty percent of the period. In case that the curves are significantly different, the gap is visible and there are frequent misunderstandings between persons.

The analysis of biorhythm of two persons can give explanations of mutual relationships and some suggestions why some periods are not good and how to overcome them. The analysis of biorhythms of some celebrities explains certain behavior. Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor had 100% aligned physical biorhythm, which gives the tip why they keep returning to each other.

On the contrary, Madonna and Warren Betty were physically aligned only 30%, while they were intellectually aligned only 20% of the time. The alignment of two persons are depending on layout of all three cycles. More explanation is given in the table of biorhythm compatibility.

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