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My WealthYou Are The Future Millionaire

Posted Apr 2010

Can you be a millionaire? Find out what are the obstacles on the way of becoming the millionaire.

If you do not have enough cash ( or money at your account ) to buy something at the moment, that means that you do not deserve it. This does not means that you do not need to buy something. This simply means that you cannot buy it at the moment. The banking industry is trying to ensure you that you can buy anything, right now. If you see this message, than you should run away, as fast as you can. This is the dangerous temptation. Banking institutions are offering you the loans for anything that you need. They promise you better living standard. They promise you easiness of shopping. They promising you the effortless way to acquire everything that you need.

If you believe them, than you are on the good way to become the slave. You are putting the chain on your leg. This is happening since you are buying the things by buying more than is necessary. You are paying for the product, but the bank interest too. You can buy something on loan and you will have the illusion of wealth. In reality you will be one step away from getting rich and one step closer to beggar.

Be patient, save the money and eventually you will be able to afford to by your product – with you own money. You will pay less, since you do not pay the bank interest. You will have more money in your pocket, without feeling any guilt that is common for buying on debt.

The banking industry is assuring us that the credit is the best way to enjoy in your life. That is nothing else but the lie. Only purpose of this message is to make the bank and trade more rich. You cannot build your own wealth while you are in debts. If you manage to eliminate your debts you are on the good way to become rich.

It is not impossible for you to become millionaire. Becoming the rich is not the impossible. The only thing that matter is the process in your brain. If you are still suspicious try to do some basic math. If the person is earning only $30.000 per year, this means that in 40 year that person will earn over a million. This is the basic calculation without any salary increase. So where that money goes? If that person is spending 120% of the earning, than it will possibly become homeless sooner or later. If that person save 20% of the income and invest it, it is likely that the earning at the end of career be doubled.

The calculation is very simple, but this is because the things are simple. It is up to you to decide whether you are planning to be homeless or millionaire. The banks are aware that we are potential millionaires. This is why they try so hard to steal these millions from us. Unfortunately, they are quite successful wit that job. Think, where your money is going to?



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