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My MeditationHow to Meditate? – Part 2 

Posted Jul 2008

Learn about Jantra and Mandala meditation, candle meditation and Trataka meditation.

Meditation Techniques

Besides Breathing counting Meditation, Om meditation and Mantra Meditation meditation techniques, explained in previous chapter, you can use the following meditation techniques:




Jantra and Mandala Meditation technique

Sri JantraWhile the mantra helps us to focus our mind by using the sound, Jantra helps us to focus by using our eyes. Jantras are two or three-dimensional geometrical shapes that depict energetic levels in space. Whether they are simple or complex, jantras are composed of rectangular that contains a circle, lotus flowers, triangles, and the root spot at the middle.  

Mandala is complex and more picturesque type of Jantra, built and shaped by circles.  

How to meditate Jantra and Mandala meditation techniques? For beginning of meditation choose your Jantra or Mandala and place it at the your eyesight level. You can observe the pictures effortlessly or even close your eyes and try to imagine the picture. When your eyes are open, let them browse freely around picture, exploring every detail of it. Then stop your glance at the center of picture and let the shapes of image occupy your mind. When your eyes are tired, close hem and try to image the picture in your mind.  

Candle Meditation technique

How to meditate Candle meditation technique? In order to exercise this meditation technique, place a lit candle at the level of your eyesight, or a little bit lower. Then place your self into position for meditation. Look straight into the flame of candle and focus still on it. If your thoughts drift away, just re-focus yourself back to the candle flame. You can blink whenever you feel that is necessary. If your eyes get tired, close them and visualize the candle flame at the back of your lids. Be prepared that it will take some time until you learn to calm your mind. After some time of applying of this meditation technique, focusing your sight on the candle flame will be pleasant.    

Trataka Meditation technique

This is the concentration exercise that brings you to meditative state in a natural way. At same time this exercise is strengthening your eyes.  

How to meditate Trataka meditation technique? As preparation for this meditation technique, place yourself in your meditation position and chose a still object that you will be pointing your sight into. Let it be on your eyes level. It can be a picture, flower, etc. Trataka meditation technique can be exercised in the countryside too. If you are there, you can focus on landscape, tree or at the top of the mountain. Do not stare and loose focus, because your intention is to look carefully without stress. Observe continuously, without eye blink, until tears comes through your eyes. Tears are cleaning your eyes. When the tears start to drop, close your eyes and visualize your object between your eyes. Then continue to look at your object continuously. Try to repeat a whole cycle several times. Try to continue your exercise every time. This level of concentration is an excellent preparation for a meditation. Once you master the concentration for an object, you can glide in the state of meditation. 

Check also meditations described in previous chapter – How to Meditate? – Part 1  



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