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My MeditationHow to Meditate? – Part 1

Posted Jul 2008

Learn about basic meditation techniques.



Meditation Techniques

The highest challenge of meditation is to reach and keep the focus to only one point, for a period of time. In order to meditate successful, many people are using different aids for enhancing of concentration like pranayama, mantra, jantra or something completely simple like candle flame.


Meditation technique Based on Counting Inhales and Exhales

This very simple and traditional meditation technique, based on focusing of your breathing. In order to meditate successfully, place your self in position for meditation, close your eyes and observe your breathing.

How to meditate breathing counting meditation technique? Do not try to influence your breathing, just feel it as it is. Start to count your breathing from 1 to 10, then backward. Count full cycle of inhale and exhale as one. This simple exercise of counting of breaths is your way to focus your mind. In time you can stop counting breathing and just continue to listen uniformed rhythm of breathing. During this meditation technique, your breathing can become very slow. If your thoughts fly away, just re-focus to your breathing and start counting from beginning.

OM Meditation technique

OM is the holy voice of the universe, a word that contains a vibration of whole cosmos. This is a holy mantra of many spiritual schools. It is said that when OM is spoken loud, brings human voice closest to universal vibration.

How to meditate OM meditation technique? OM is composed of four parts: "a", "u", "m" and nasal vibration that follows after "m" voice. This four parts are close to different states of consciousness: awakens, dreaming, deep dreamless sleep and transcendental state. It is said that OM is the "root" mantra. It is often used before or after other mantras.

Singing of OM at the beginning of this meditation technique establishes consciousness of vibration within your body, which you can follow by your mind. Start every repetition within your belly button and lead it to your forehead. Try to keep ending "m" sound as longer as possible, which will be audible to you through vibration of your skull bones. In the silence after OM sound try to feel the vibration within your body. Focus your mind on this subtle vibration.

Mantra Meditation technique

Mantras are the words that we repeat, which help us to focus on our mind while you practicing this meditation technique. Word Mantra means – Thought Expressed Through Sound. Mantra can be one word, like OM, but also can be more word, sentences or sounds. Some mantras remind on prayer and they have a full meaning. Also, there are Chakra mantras and the are voices without clear meaning.

How to meditate Mantra meditation technique? There are different ways of using Mantras. The most powerful is mental repeating. Also, you can whisper, say or sing mantras. Regardless of meditation technique, the goal is to anchor the mind and feel vibration of mantra through physical and subtle body.

Traditionally mantra is assigned to apprentice by his guru. Apprentice is not allowed to change mantra or to disclose it to someone else. Still, if you do not have your guru, you can create mantra of your own and use it. While your mantra keeps in mind four level requirement: Sound, Meaning, Idea and Spiritual Meaning. Suitable words that you can use in your mantras are Harmony, Peace or Love.

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