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My MeditationHow to Meditate? - 5 Golden Rules of Meditation

Posted Oct 2009

Learn how to prepare for meditation. Learn 5 golden rules of meditation

Whatever we do in our life we do it better with practice. The same is with meditation. More often we exercise meditation better we become. There are different techniques and approaches to meditation. But whatever method of meditation you chose try to pay attention to 5 basic rules of meditation.

1. Plan your meditation at specific period of time

Try to choose the same time of a day. You can find the best time of a day by experimenting. When you find that some time of a day suits you the best, choose it for your time for meditation. Also, avoid meditation after the meals or when you are under the influence of medications, or other strong stimulants like coffee.

2. Prepare the environment for meditation

Make sure that you will not be disturbed. Turn off the phone, lock the door and close the window. Regulate the room temperature. The distraction from the surrounding may decrease concentration and effectiveness of the meditation.

3. Make your place for meditation pleasant

You can do it by placing the flowers or scent candles. Make the intensity and color of light to be pleasant and stimulating for meditation.

4. Make your meditation posture to be pleasant for your meditation

Wear the clothing that will make you comfortable. Before entering the meditation eliminate all thoughts that may distract you. Leave only the object of your meditation.

5. Do not interrupt your meditation suddenly

Instead, leave the meditation gradually. When you exit the meditation stay in position for a few minutes and then continue with your daily activities.



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