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BrainwavesEnd of the Evolution - Did We Reach the Limit of the Brain Power?

Posted Aug 2011

The human mind achieved many goals in the history. The power of human intelligence invented many things that provided the progress. But did we reach the limitation of brain evolution? What is the effect of Atlas Subluxation to the brain performance?

Scientists believe that human brain has reached the development maximum, where no further progress is possible. This thesis is based on the fact that human brain requires a lot of energy and oxygen. Further increase of mental abilities and intelligence apparently cannot be achieved, due to anatomic limitation of human brain.

The Cambridge University scientists analyzed the brain structure, in order to find out how much energy is consumed by its cells. The brain needs a lot of energy in order to function. The brain potential is limited by the level of energy that can be provided through the blood stream. This reflects to the overall brain performance. These facts are based on research of Simon Lauhlin, the professor of neurobiology.

The other scientists’ claims that network of neurons within brain is developed at maximum and cannot be developed any further. They also support the idea that this network needs additional energy that cannot be provided. Therefore, it is not likely that we could become smarter.

Ed Bullmore, the professor of Psychiatry, measured efficiency of communication of different brain parts. He discovered that the impulses are fastest at intelligent people, while their speed is lower at less intelligent people, says Daily Mail.

Network bonds are related to the intelligence, Bullmore said. To become smarter means improve bonds between different brain parts. This development is limited by lack of energy supply and space for further development of the network.

Also, improvement of brain power requires disproportionally higher increase of energy supply. It is hard to predict, but it is obvious that intelligence has its limitations, says Martijn van den Heuvel, professor of Psychiatry in medical center in Utrecht, Holland.

Well, it is good to have different opinions on many subjects, including subject of brain performance and potential. At least these comments are based on research of the qualified experts in their fields, based on thorough research.

Still, somehow I feel that these researches are deeply focused on narrow and specific medical and anatomical areas, like capacity of bloodstream to supply energy and physical limitation of network expansion. But, what about other methods of increase of efficiency of the brain? Meditation is one of them. Probably everybody knows that meditation is powerful way of balancing of brain power and control of human potential.

Brainstates and FrequenciesFurthermore, there are a range of audio programs that aims on tuning the function of the brain. These audio programs use so called binaural beats technology, in order to tune the brain frequency to desired brain wave level. Once the brain reached specific brain wave level, it is possible to influence the brain, sub consciousness, mind and behavior of the individual, after systematic application of these programs.

The brain function and the brain capacity depend on many factors. Probably it is not all about anatomy limitation etc. The science should explore other fields as well such as meditation, brain wave therapy and atlas subluxation treatment.

These audio programs target a different goals, such as increasing of the brain power, building self confidence, stress relief, guided meditation and many more. Millions of sold programs are the guarantee that the function of the brain can be improved with use of targeted tool and with persistent training.

We all know that our brain performance fluctuate from day to day and from hour to hour. After all, if the muscle can perform better after systematic training, why the brain couldn't do the same? Trained muscle can become bigger, stronger, more flexible and endurable. Why the brain couldn't be trained by use of binaural beat programs as well?

Another subject of brain capacity restriction is called Atlas Subluxation. Atlas is C-1 vertebra, the first vertebra that directly supports the human skull. The fact that C-1 supports the whole scull gave it a name Atlas, the name after Greek mythology giant that supported the whole world on his shoulders.

Basically, the subluxation of the atlas is the medical condition where the first vertebra is slightly twisted and dislocated. This medical condition is known to the official medic expert, but it is poorly explored and is never treated. This condition is considered inoperable and non treatable by any way. This is where the official medicine stops ( at least currently ).

Brainstates and FrequenciesSo what is the problem with atlas subluxation? The C1 vertebrae contain several openings for vital organs. The middle one is where the spinal cord is coming through. The other two are for the vertebral aortas that supply the brain. The subluxation or dislocation of C1 causes pressure to the spinal cord and to the vertebral aortas. Obviously, this medical condition is limiting the blood flow and pressuring the nerves. In other words, it limits the capacity of the human brain and the whole being. It is sad but true that atlas subluxation is common for the majority of people. Some subluxations are caused from the injuries. Other theories claim that most of the people are born with subluxation.

Obviously, the brain function and the brain capacity depend on many factors. Probably it is not all about anatomy limitation etc. The science should explore other fields as well such as meditation, brain wave therapy and atlas subluxation treatment.



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